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Bhad Bhabie Addresses Fight With Woah Vicky “She Never Hit Me”



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Bhad Bhabie addresses fight with Woah Vicky

Bhad Bhabie Claims Woah Vicky Never Hit Her During Recent Studio Fight

Bhad Bhabie engaged in a fight with her rival Woah Vicky in the studio yesterday and the video of the fight has been circulating online since.

In the viral video, Vicky landed several punches on the teenage rapper after pinning her to the floor.

Bhad Bhabie didn’t accept defeat as she hit Instagram to call out Woah Vicky. “Why you don’t just pull up with no dudes,” asked the rapper. “Y’all see shorty holding my hair throwing and missing what are y’all tryna prove.”

Twitter started dragging and clowning Bhabie after the fight, as she had reportedly been making threats for some time, and still managed to lose this fight.

In her defense, she  hopped back on instagram live saying Woah Vicky never hit her.

“You still never hit me!” Bhabie says. “You still never hit me, not once! That’s what I’m not understanding.”

“You got a whole video of you doing all this…,” she said as she punched the air. “But my body never got touched. Here’s the thing with the internet, though, Ima have to learn this on my own. Y’all gonna be against me no matter what.”