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Chris Brown Shares His Amazing Body Transformation Since Leaving Jail



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Chris Brown Body Transformation

Chris Brown Posts His Body Transformation On Instagram

Chris Brown was body shamed after his post jail pictures hit the internet. The singer left prison with much more added weight and fans weren’t cool with it.

Breezy himself wasn’t comfortable with the 35lbs that he put on while in jail, which brought his overall weight to 215lbs.

Here are some pictures of fat Chris Brown after leaving jail :

Chris Brown shares his body transformation pictures Chris Brown shares his body transformation pictures

He became kinda insecure about his body look and channeled it into exercising and an extensive work out.

A year after hard work in the gym, he gained his body back and has been maintaining it ever since. A muscular / an athletic body they say is ‘a man’s best confidence’.

Today, CB posted a picmix comparison of how he looked in 2014 to how he looks today. The shirtless pics show that he has shed all the fat from that era and now boasts a toned physique.

And for the caption, Brown merely inserted a shocked emoji and a crying of laughter emoji, showing that he could now laugh about this time when he struggled with his weight.

See his amazing body transformation below :



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