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Lindsay Lohan Crushing On Tyga, Comments On His IG Photo Again



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Lindsay Lohan crushing on Tyga

Lindsay Lohan Has A Crush On Tyga ?

At this point it’s safe to say Lindsay Lohan is crushing on rapper Tyga. The 32 year old singer seems to have a thing for the 29 year old rapper.

She’s earlier commented #Taste” on a photo of Tyga lying shirtless on his bed which fans were quick to interpret as a flirtatious one.

Fans started speculating that Lindsay wants a taste of Tyga and might have even slid into his dm.

And yesterday, Tyga shared a selfie and a photo of himself on a yacht with Sydney, Australia tagged as his location. Lohan is also currently residing in Australia to film the competition show, ‘The Masked Singer’, on which she is a judge.

Lindsay commented “#copycat” on the post, possibly in a flirtatious attempt to link up as they’re currently in the same city.


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Lindsay Lohan crushing on Tyga after commenting on his instagram photos


A source told Hollywood Life that “Despite Tyga feeling flattered, it seems he’s not looking at Lindsay as any sort of romantic partner. “Tyga has a very specific type, and he’s just not interested in Lindsay in any romantic way.”

He doesn’t think she’s unattractive, but she’s not the type of girl he would want to be in a relationship with,” the source added.