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Mark Zuckerberg Roasted On Twitter Over His New Hair Cut – Reactions



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Twitter Roasts Mark Zuckerberg new hair cut

Twitter Roasts Mark Zuckerberg’s New Hair Cut

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was hilariously roasted on twitter for his new hair cut. Mark recently appeared before Congress this week where he was grilled about the company’s crypto-currency, political advertising on the site and more.

It was a stressful one for the billionaire but it got worse when twitter users descended on him over his new haircut.

Mark Zuckerberg was subject to a number of uncomfortable questions when he testified before the House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday.


The funniest part was when California Representative Katie Porter took the opportunity to comment on his hair.

“Mr. Zuckerberg, I know Facebook can be sometimes an unkind place, both toward my personal appearance and today apparently towards your haircut,” she commented.

“But as the mother of a teenage boy I just want to say thanks for modelling the short cut ” Katie added.

Below is a closer look at his new haircut, so judge by yourself.

Mark Zuckerberg Roasted on twitter over his new hair cut

To be candid, Mark’s new haircut is quite bad.. “This guy is worth billions. Why can’t he afford a good hair stylist?” a twitter user asked.

“For Halloween, Im going to shove my face into a running weedwacker and go as “Mark Zuckerberg who tried to cut his own hair” another tweeted.

See some hilarious reactions on twitter below: