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Talib Kweli Addresses Eminem & Lord Jamar’s Beef



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Talib Kweli on Eminem and Lord Jamar beef

Talib Kweli Weighs In On Eminem And Lord Jamar’s Feud

Eminem and Lord Jamar have been at loggerheads for quite a while now and recently Em took jabs at him at a concert in Abu Dhabi which went viral online.

DJ Vlad recruits Talib Kweli on his recent show to discuss the long lasting feud between Em and Lord Jamar.

Kweli is undeniably a prestigious man with conversant knowledge about the hip hop culture. Although the pair didn’t make reference to Em’s recent shade at his concert, it was really an interesting show.

“It’s tough to hear a white dude call a black guy ‘bitch’ in hip-hop,” begins Talib, after Vlad recites a few bars from the Kamikazetrack. “Eminem is a fantastic lyricist. Those are pretty dope lyrics. I’ve been around Eminem but I don’t have a relationship with him.”

On the discussion of Eminem using “the house you own” as an analogy to hip-hop, Talib offers up a new perspective. “It’s pretty brazen,” he reflects.

“I’m all for Eminem staking his claim and saying look, I belong here. I don’t necessarily disagree with that. Lord Jamar is an OG. As him, as a member of Brand Nubian. Because I respect hip-hop culture, I gotta respect who this man is.”


Talib Kweli on Eminem and Lord Jamar beef


“Even if I disagree with my OGs, that’s not something I do publically,” he continues. “Lord Jamar made some very valid points about hip-hop culture and culture vultures.”

“I think the culture vulture conversation surrounding hip-hop has to move away from the race discussion. Clearly because of white supremacy, it’s more likely for a white person to be a culture vulture than it is for a black person,” he said.

“But there are plenty of black culture vultures. I personally do not feel like Eminem is a guest in hip-hop because he’s a white guy. People might disagree with me on that. That wording doesn’t give credit to how Eminem participates in hip-hop,” Talib added.

Talking on Em’s infamously surfaced demo “Foolish Pride,” which was unearthed by Benzino and The Source during their bitter feud.

“I feel like that absolutely was a racist lyric,” says Talib. “I feel like as a man, my default is sexism. I can be sexist by default just by being a man. Same with white people, I feel like they can be racist by default, without even knowing it.”