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Diddy’s Mom Gifts Him A Brand New Escalade Car For His 50th Birthday



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Diddy mom bought him an escalade car for his 50th birthday

Diddy’s Mom Got Him A Brand New Car For His 50th Birthday

Rap and business mogul Sean Diddy Combs celebrated his 50th birthday yesterday and you can imagine what kind of gifts he got.

Diddy is one of the most successful personality in the industry and can be said to be an icon in entrepreneurship. Earlier this year, Diddy was named third richest rapper for 2019 on Forbes list.

One of Diddy’s birthday presents was a brand new car, complete with a ribbon and all has added to his garage.

A clip making rounds on the internet shows Diddy’s mom giving her son a big birthday gift and his reaction is just epic. Seeing a 50 year old man jumping up for joy means the gift or the person presenting the gift means a lot.

Diddy received his expensive present with a reaction just like anybody else after finding out they have a new Escalade: with elation, joy and pure happiness.

Wearing a crown atop his dome, Puffy got up out of his seat and started jumping around the room like a child on Christmas morning. It looks like he got exactly what he wanted this year.

Watch the video below :