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Fetty Wap’s New Wife ‘Rosedealer’ Claims She’s Being Abused



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Fetty Wap's New Wife Reveals That She Was Abused 

Fetty Wap’s New Wife Reveals That She Was Abused

We reported earlier that rapper Fetty Wap’s marriage to new wife Leandra K. Gonzalez seems to be on the edge. Well, it appears there are more proves to that.

His baby mama Masika Kalysha has earlier blasted him for bringing their child close to a woman whom many believe to be his new wife.

New receipts shows that Fetty Wap’s marriage to a beautiful model ‘Rosedealer’ that isn’t up to two months may be over.

The trap star, whose real name is Willie Maxwell II, tied the knot to his new boo Leandra back in September. Now, less than 60 days after saying “I do”, Leandra seems ready to end her marriage.

Leandra aka Rosedealer proved that she was the new Mrs Wap back in September, when she shared a photo of their marriage license, which she captioned “Mrs. Waxwell,” to Instagram.

She also updated her Instagram bio to read “Mrs. Maxwell” and shared two Instagram posts confirming their nuptials. As most fans know, the married couple went public with their relationship in August at the 2019 Video Music Awards.

She claims that it’s because of “abuse.” While she did not specifically say that it was Fetty who was “abusing” her, she certainly implied it with her comments.

Leandra told her fans that the last 30 days of marriage has been difficult. She explained, “I’ve never dealt with so much abuse.” She added, “A picture was painted a completely different one was presented.”

According to Leandra, she’s taking a break from social media.

Fetty Wap's New Wife Reveals That She Was Abused