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Gucci Mane Allegedly Had Tummy Tuck Surgery In Columbia



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Gucci Mane Allegedly Got Tummy Tuck Surgery 

Gucci Mane Allegedly Got Tummy Tuck Surgery

Gucci Mane is currently being accused of undergoing surgery to look fit. Fans are saying that the rapper got a tummy tuck surgery to have his athletic physique.

Folks on Twitter are saying that Gucci and his wife Keyshai K’aoir flew to Colombia, and got his and her surgeries.

Gucci’s wife Keyshia is believed to have the controversial “rib removal” surgery. And Gucci is believed to have undergone a tummy tuck and ab etching surgery.

We can’t tell how true the claims are.. But what we know is a lot has changed in Mane’s physical appearance. It could have been as a result of constant work out or fans might be right.

Here’s what Gucci looks like before :


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Guccimane once said….

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And here’s Gucci Mane now :


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They hate it when u happy 😃

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“His weight loss is unnatural and facial structure changed. His wife also had loads of plastic surgery done too so she prolly gave him the alley oop,” a fan commented.

“I wouldn’t be surprised since he got on fake teeth, a hair piece and drawn on beard,” another added.

“Gucci’s wifes body is completely fake. She put him up on game.”