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Inmate Livestreams Eating Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich From Jail



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Inmate Eats Popeye's Chicken Sandwich On Live 

Inmate Eats Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich On Live

While many are going through hell to get a taste of the viral Popeye’s chicken sandwich Popeye’s chicken sandwich, an inmate has already gotten his.

Popeye’s chicken sandwich has caused lots of controversies with fights breaking up almost at each restaurants.

Earlier today, we reported a case of two couples who got into a brawl over the chicken sandwich. And that’s just one in a ten report of such incidents.

If you are wondering when you’ll get your order, you might just be on a long thing as a man in jail has gotten his and he livestreamed it with his fans.

A photo of the inmate Frank Gutta eating a Popeyes chicken sandwich from behind bars has gone viral on Facebook.

The pictures, which you can see below, show the inmate enjoying the infamous $3.99 chicken sandwich which has sold out across America.

‘Trying to see what all the hype bout,’ the man writes on the image, which first was posted on Instagram Stories.  The inmate can be seen sitting on a prison cot. He’s appears ready to chow down on the food, but poses for the quick Insta-flick before taking a bite.

It seems his girlfriend got him the chicken sandwich and he captioned the follow up photo : ‘Thanks Bae.’

Inmate livestreams eating Popeye's chicken sandwich in jail