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Jay Z Reportedly Dissapointed In Colin Kaepernick For Moving Workout



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Jay Z Dissapointed In Colin Kaepernick 

Jay Z Dissapointed In Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick workout session didn’t go as planned by the NFL. And reports has it that Jay Z is disappointed in the former San Francisco quarter back.

Kaep moved the location of the workout, because he suspected that the NFL was up to something.

A friend of Kaep also explained how everything went down. In the timeline, it seems the NFL were up to something, and Colin didn’t stand for it.

Well, new reports coming in has it that Jay Z feels Kaepernick turned his chance to make it in the NFL into a publicity stunt with his decision to move the workout location at the last minute.

Kaep and his team felt strongly about not signing a liability wavier presented by the NFL and wanted the media to have access to the event.

When he couldn’t find a middle ground, Colin moved the workout to a nearby high school three hours before the start.

It appears it’s not only Jay Z that isn’t feeling Colin’s move, Stephen A Smith also reacted to it. “Twenty-five teams show up in Georgia at the Atlanta Falcons practice facility state of the art facility, NFL personnel, equipment, video, everything, and what does Colin Kaepernick do, Colin Kaepernick wants to change the venue.”

“Guess what? It ain’t working this time. All of us believe that Colin Kaepernick would have showed out, and if he had showed out, I believe he would have had a job inside of two weeks,” Smith lamented.

“But it didn’t happen, because he didn’t show. He wanted to show up at a high school in Georgia, not an NFL facility and then YouTube it live. He don’t want to play, Smith added after taking a long pause and ended it saying, “He wants to be a martyr.”