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Jeannie Mai Supports T.I Checking His Daughter’s Hymen



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Jeannie Mai supports T.I checking his daughter's hymen

Jeannie Mai Defends T.I For Checking His Daughter’s Virginity

T.I became a subject of criticism after revealing that he takes his 18 year old college student, Deyjah, to the gynecologist every year to have her hymen checked in order to ensure that she is still a virgin.

The rapper received lots of backlash over the statement and even his very own daughter started liking tweets condemning his act.

Iggy Azalea also used the opportunity to lash out at her foe, saying that he  has control issues over women and that he needs therapy.


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The Real co-host Jeannie Mai has said that she supports rapper T.I.’s decision to have his daughter’s hymen checked out by a gynecologist.

“I support what T.I. Is doing because I understand how hard it must be to communicate with an opposite gendered daughter, especially in this time,” Jeannie said on the show.

“Especially what he must have seen and known, you know? Of what boys are like. And for me, I was a very wild girl, I didn’t like rules, I rebelled a lot.”

Jeannie went on to share details about her strict parents, revealing that her father never sat down with her and had an open conversation about sex.

Jeannie thinks that T.I.’s actions show a lack of trust in his daughter.

She added, “Clearly [T.I.] is super concerned about today’s world and everything, [so] I would just say, ‘What is it that you are concerned about when it comes to the breaking of the hymen or the fact that she’s having sex? Is it the STDs?’ Is it that she doesn’t understand what love is? Does he need to know the boys are? Why doesn’t he trust her? Whatever it is, he needs to speak it with her.”

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