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Joe Budden Says Jhene Aiko’s Songs Are The Same ‘Lack Of Growth’



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Joe Budden Says There's Lack Of Growth In Jhene Aiko's Songs 

Joe Budden Says There’s Lack Of Growth In Jhene Aiko’s Songs

Popular Podcast host Joe Budden made Jhene Aiko the subject of discussion alongside his co-hosts cohorts Rory and Mal during the recent episode.

The trio analysed Jhene’s songs, specifically her latest single “None of Your Concern” which features her ex boyfriend Big Sean.

According to Joe Budden, there is a “lack of growth in the music” as he says the majority of her singles are about relationship problems.


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“When is somebody gonna have an honest conversation about the mid that Jhené Aiko is dropping?” Joe asks. Mal asks him if he wants her to try something different, but Joe stated that isn’t necessarily what he means.

“I love n*ggas that keep the same content for a time and I love n*ggass that keep the same sound for a long, long time. You just have to be [good at both and grown within that].”

Rory then said Jhené’s tracks are “deep vibes,” to which Joe replies, “No, it be deep vibes about a n*gga that she’s madly in love with that she’s not necessarily feeling at the moment. That is what all of them are about. Let’s not change the content by saying it’s deep. It is deep, but it’s all that type of deep.”

He continued, “With every song that Jhené Aiko releases, in my opinion, she falls lower and lower on the list of the women that make that type of music.”

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