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Kanye West Shades J Cole, Drake & Drake’s Son In Leaked Diss Track



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Kanye West leaks Diss track against J Cole Drake and Drake son

Kanye West Disses J Cole, Drake & Drake’s Son In Leaked Track

Kanye West is firing shots at his rivals on a new leaked song. the diss track has lines aimed at J Cole, Drake and Drake’s son.

Things got heated between Drake and Kanye West when Pusha T dropped Drake’s diss track ‘Story Of Adding’ where he tell about Drizzy’s secret son.

Drake believed Kanye West told Pusha T about his son although Kanye denies leaking such information.

J Cole on the other hand also went hard on Kanye West, firing shots at him on ‘False Prophets’. While Ye is being bombarded with shots from both sides, it appears he has some things to say about it.

The song which is titled ‘Dreams’ was leaked from his forthcoming album Yahndi.

Although it’s not clear, what message Kanye West is trying to pass but it does appear more like a diss track.

On J Cole he says:

“Yeah Ye’s cold, but that Trump hat forced me to feel like I like J Cole.”

On Drake & his son

“My whole city turned they back on me, they thought I told Pusha about Drake’s son. . .

God damn I don’t care about his son.”