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LeBron James Farts Immensely In Viral Video – Watch



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LeBron James Rips Massive Farts In Viral Video

LeBron James Rips Massive Farts In Viral Video

LeBron James had an embarrassing moment last month when his lacefront men’s wig fell mid game. He worked tirelessly during the game and the extra sweat caused his wig glue to release and the lacefront rolled back in the middle of his head.

And again, after Friday workout, the superstar basketball player had another awkward moment.

It all started when he and his friend Chris Paul headed out to a steakhouse for a fancy dinner, fuelling their bodies with only the best food available.

LeBron James Rips Massive Farts In Viral Video

Knowing that two of the biggest basketball superstars in the world would be soon walking out to their cars, OKC-based fans waited in the parking lot to greet the “Washed King” and let him know how excited they were to witness him playing in person the next day.

LeBron James didn’t talk much when meeting with his fans but when he did make a sound.. It was a tremendous one and not from his mouth but his anus.

When he was about entering a car in the parking lot of the restaurant, LeBron lifted his left leg and let out an enormous fart. Yeah, it was caught on camera and shared by TMZ.

Watch the video below :