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NBA Youngboy’s Mom Blasts Him For Kicking Her Out Of House



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NBA Youngboy Kicks His Mother Out Of The House He Bought For Her 

NBA Youngboy Kicks His Mother Out Of The House He Bought For Her

It seems NBA Youngboy is now following the footsteps of rapper Blueface who kicked his mother and sister out of his house back in July.

The Baton Rouge rapper has allegedly thrown his mother out of the house he bought for her and she’s not holding back in blasting him over the act.

NBA Youngboy’s mom used to be in full support of her son, having his back and slamming critics when YoungBoy was facing several serious charges, including assault, weapons violations and kidnapping.

“Bitch, I raised my children right. The only right way is don’t let nobody fucking play with you, bitch,” she defended him back then.

Well, it appears things has changed now and she’s now blasting him after he allegedly kicked her out of the house he bought her. She took to live to condemn her son, airing out their personal drama for everybody to see.

“I ain’t gon’ keep letting you play with me like that,” yelled Kentrell’s mom, noting that he’s been claiming he never had a mother to take care of him.

“Kentrell got me a fucking house, he’ll get you a house and then if you don’t do what he fucking says, he’ll get it took. I don’t give a fuck, you can have your house, bitch. I’ll go under the interstate. Bitch, I’ll go sleep on a fucking park bench.”


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#NBAyoungboy allegedly kicked his mom out of a house he bought her… after an argument

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NBA Youngboy is yet to respond to the his mom’s outpour