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Snoop Dogg Trolls T.I With ‘Hymen’ Meme, 50 Cent Chimes In



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Snoop Dogg trolls T.I with hymen meme

Snoop Dogg Trolls T.I With ‘Hymen’ Meme

T.I has been facing heavy criticism after revealing that he takes his 18 year old daughter to the gynecologist every year to check her hymen.

The rapper got into discussion about parenting on a podcast entitled Ladies Like Us with hosts Nazanin and Nadia.

And when the ladies asked whether TI has talked with his daughter Deyjah about sex. TI told the ladies, “Not only have we had THE conversation, we have yearly trips to the gynecologist to check her hymen.”

The self acclaimed King of the South have been a subject of mockery ever since, his foe Iggy Azalea, also used the opportunity to lash out at him, saying he has control issues over women and that he needs therapy.

Snoop Dogg Trolls T.I With 'Hymen' Meme  50 cent reacts

Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent are undeniably the biggest online trolls, making hilarious memes of every situation. The two veterans took turns to mock T.I over his comments.

Snoopy posted the meme on his instagram page without a caption, he followed a new format that has one woman screaming “I’m a virgin” with the next box containing a stealthy image of Tip looking sly, asking “Lemme see.”

50 Cent caught wind of the meme and didn’t hesitate to add his own hilarious words. “Yeah man, the fuck was T.I. talking about,” asked 50 Cent, earning more than 10,000 co-signs in the form of likes.

See it all below :


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Snoop Dogg Trolls T.I With 'Hymen' Meme  50 cent reacts