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T.I Apologizes To His Daughter Deyjah Harris On The Red Table Talk



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T.I Apologizes To Deyjah Harris On The Red Table Talk 

T.I Apologizes To Deyjah Harris On The Red Table Talk

Rapper and Podcast host T.I has finally apologized to his daughter Deyjah Harris on the ‘Red Table Talk’ with the Smiths.

T.I was heavily criticized some weeks back when he made it known that he takes his teenage daughter to the gynecologist every year to check her hymen to be sure she is still a virgin.

Deyjah was vividly embarrassed and ashamed that she unfollowed her father on social media before finally deactivating her account.

Tip started off the show by apologizing to his daughter Deyjah. But he made clear that he is not apologizing to anyone else.

“I apologize to Deyjah, but only her. Not anyone else.”

T.I also explained that he did go to the doctor with Deyjah’s mom and that all doctor’s visits that he described, happened before Deyjah’s 18th birthday.

The rapper continued on a long rant explaining how he was just trying to be a protective father. TI claims that he went to the doctor with Deyjah, “out of care and concern, but not out of control.”

He told Jada, “I am a father, and I’m here to protect her.”

He explained, “If my son got a girl pregnant, it wouldn’t disrupt the household like it would [if my daughter got pregnant].”

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