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Cardi B Admits Offset Is Cheating On Her “Look How I Look”



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Cardi B Says She Knows Offset Is Cheating On Her 

Cardi B Says She Knows Offset Is Cheating On Her

Offset was all over the news when Tekashi 6ix9ine’s girlfriend Jade exposed him for sliding in her DMs with thirsty text.

Although he insist his account was hacked and that he wasn’t the one who sent Jade the direct messages.

“Somebody hacked one of my emails that’s connected to all my shit and that’s how I got hacked from the jump,” Offset said while scrolling through an email he received from Facebook’s support team. “I’ve been having a good weekend, man. I wake up to this bullshit. I’m with my family, man. I ain’t on no stupid shit.”

He continued, Thanksgiving just passed, a great thanksgiving with my family. I ain’t on no bullshit, man. I wanna thank Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram for all sticking together and helping me. I still don’t have my ‘gram as of right now, but I know Im’ma get it, so I thank y’all for supporting me. Love y’all.”

Well, Cardi B is now admitting that Offset is cheating on her. She shared a video of herself inside a music studio, not looking too good.

And in the video Cardi jokes about Offset cheating on her. According to Cardi who can be seen laughing all through the clip, her husband has a right to cheat because she’s not glamorous while working in the studio.

Just as we thought, we reported earlier that Offset’s social media hacked accounts is a mere damage control after being caught cheating again.

Watch the video below :


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