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Did Lori Harvey Get A New Butt For Christmas? – Photos



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Lori Harvey new butt for Christmas

Lori Harvey Gets New Butt For Christmas

Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori Harvey is currently facing new butt implants accusations following her recent pictures with new shape which has since gone viral.

Folks on social media have been reacting to Lori’s new photo, pointing out that her butt and hips look different.

And some are suggesting that Lori may have undergone Brazilian Butt Lift.

A Brazilian Butt Lift, or a BBL as its commonly referred. Is a surgical procedure where doctors suction fat from your stomach and thighs, and injects it into a woman’s butt and hips.

Lori’s hips appear to protrude outward at an unusual angle, suggesting that she may have surgically altered her body.

Lori posted the below pic of her brand new body yesterday, and immediately the BBL speculation started.


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Capricorn Szn 🐐

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In contrast to her old pictures :


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