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Dwayne Wade’s Son Zion Dancing With A Gun In Viral Video



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Dwayne Wade's Son Dancing With A Gun In Viral Video 

Dwayne Wade’s Son Dancing With A Gun In Viral Video

NBA star Dwyane Wade and his 11 year old son are trending again after new video reportedly shows Zion dancing with a hand gun in his hand.

Dwayne Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union have been receiving lots of backlash over their teenage son turning gay before their very own eyes.

The basketball player has showed support for his son several times and recently he took to twitter to express his feelings towards critics of his family Thanksgiving photo which shows Zion with painted nails.

“I’ve seen some post-thanksgiving hate on social about my family photo. Stupidity is apart of this world we live in—so I get it. But here’s the thing—I’ve been chosen to lead my family not y’all. So we will continue to be us and support each other with pride, love & a smile!” he wrote on Twitter.

A video has been circulating online for a while now, the clip first surfaced on Twitter, and then was shared all over social media and Youtube.

In the video, a young man is seen dancing while carrying a handgun. At various times during the video, the young man points the gun at the camera.

The video is entitled, “Dwyane Wade’s son Wildin.'”

The young man in the viral clip does resembles Dwayne Wade’s son but it’s still not confirmed to be him. Watch the video below :