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Joe Budden Asserts A$ap Rocky Is Not A Music Star



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Joe Budden Says A$ap Rocky Is Not A Music Star 

Joe Budden Says A$ap Rocky Is Not A Music Star

Joe Budden is well known for his interesting topics on his podcast. The rapper turned podcast host has raised lots of controversial topics leading to debate in the hip hop scene.

Recently, Budden expressed his take on A$ap Rocky’s music career and according to him, the Harlem rapper is not a music star.

Although Joe is not disputing the fact that A$AP Rocky is famous or that he’s contributed wildly to hip-hop culture. However, he believes that it’s not inherently disrespectful to suggest that the man isn’t a “music star” because, in recent years, he hasn’t exactly been focusing on music.

Joe Budden Says A$ap Rocky Is Not A Music Star

“He’s not a star in music. He’s a star in this culture, a bright one, a big one,” said Budden. Before that statement, he offered a lengthy clarification.

“His album could have been Thriller,” said Joe. “The reason we were not talking about it is not Drake and Pusha and that’s it, that’s my only point. Y’all haven’t talked about A$AP Rocky music in eons.”

He continued, “There’s a large community of people that have not said a fucking peep about A$AP Rocky’s music since probably ‘Fuckin’ Problems.’ A n***a is blatantly focusing on things other than music.”

Somewhere else on the podcast, Budden implies that he doesn’t even believe Flacko could sell out Madison Square Garden, which is in his hometown, for a solo show.

Listen to him below (At exact 55 minutes mark):