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Wack 100 Explains Why He Thinks Nipsey Hussle Isn’t A Hip Hop Legend



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Wack 100 Breaks Down Why He Thinks Nipsey Isn't A Legend 

Wack 100 Breaks Down Why He Thinks Nipsey Isn’t A Hip Hop Legend

The Game’s manager Wack 100 has been open about his opinion towards Nipsey Hussle. He’d earlier made a controversial statement concerning death of Nipsey which he later apologized for.

While many believe that Nipsey Hussle is a legend who has touched the streets heart and his community at large, Wack thinks otherwise.

TMZTMZ caught up with Wack outside of The Game’s birthday party last night and he didn’t think twice before explaining his stance.

Wack 100 Breaks Down Why He Thinks Nipsey Isn't A Hip Hop Legend

In fact, from Wack’s perspective, it’s clearly more about numbers and sales. Wack also said that there needs to be a clear cut definition of what a legend is, especially since terms like that are thrown around frivolously these days.

Wack 100 also stated that even though he doesn’t think Nipsey’s a legend, he does think that Nipsey could’ve become one overtime if he had reached the levels of someone like Dr. Dre or Kendrick Lamarduring his time on earth.

Watch the interview below :