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Cardi B Flaunts Her Natural Long Hair “I Got That Shlonggg”



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Cardi B Shows Off Her Natural Long Hair 

Cardi B Shows Off Her Natural Long Hair

Cardi B has been making headlines lately over her new political ambitions and last night, she decided to show her other side by flaunting her natural hair.

She shared a picture flaunting her natural hair and it’s quite long but surprisingly she has her face covered again.

According to reports, Cardi is covering her face in the picture, because she is reportedly recovering from a recent plastic surgery operation.

And below is the pic of Cardi showing off her hair :

Cardi B Shows Off Her Natural Long Hair

Couple of days back, there were reports that Cardi B got a complete facelift after attending her BFF Star Brim’s baby shower wearing a ski mask to cover up her face.

Multiple sources claims she’s covering her face because she’s yet to completely heal from the surgery.

And here’s Cardi at Star Brim’s baby shower :