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DaBaby Claims He Hasn’t Smoked Weed Since The Ball Dropped



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DaBaby Claims He Hasn't Smoked Weed This Year 

DaBaby Claims He Hasn’t Smoked Weed This Year

Although rapper DaBaby has been making headlines lately for mischievous reasons, it seems he has dropped the habit of smoking weed in 2019.

The ‘Bop’ rapper claims he hasn’t smoked since the ball dropped, answering a fan who questioned his look in a picture he posted on twitter.

On Sunday 19th of Jan, DaBaby shared a photo of himself draped in diamonds and rocking a Louis Vuitton sweatshirt on twitter. The image which portrays the rapper like someone high on drugs gained lots of comments with fans asking what he’s high on.

A particular fan tweeted, “Baby you look high asl in this one.” Then the South Carolina rapper responded by simply writing, “I haven’t smoked since the ball dropped.”

It didn’t take long before another fan suggested that DaBaby was at least tipsy in the picture in question, which turned out to be true.

“Wine Only,” stated DaBaby when asked if he still drinks. “But bruh nem had me on the Patron last night,” he admitted.

He recently went viral after video of him assaulting an hotel employee surfaced but he was quick to respond, claiming that the employee tried to compromise his safety and that of his daughter.

DaBaby also answered a fan who asked how he feels about the media trying to destroy his character saying “Won’t work out for them.”