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Did Diddy Come Out Closet As Gay In ‘Blood Orange’ Video?



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Diddy Appears To Come Out Closet As Gay In 'Blood Orange' Video 

Diddy Appears To Come Out Closet As Gay In ‘Blood Orange’ Video

Despite the fact that Sean Diddy is well known as ladies man, he’s dated beautiful women over the years and can be said to be someone ladies admire.

Diddy’s level of success as a rapper and business man is worth attracting females all around the corner. Irregardless, he’s also been accused several times of being gay.

Puff Daddy has been facing accusations over his sexuality since his days at Bad Boys Record. It appears twitter users have seen more prove that he could be gay or bisexual.

Last year, Diddy released a collaboration with Devontae Hynes called “Blood Orange”, a song which celebrates LGBT love. Also in the video are Tyler, the Creator and A$AP Rocky.

Tyler came out of the closet years ago, and Blood Orange came out as sexually fluid in 2018. A$AP was also plagued with gay rumors over the years but he’s insisted he’s straight.


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Specifically, at 3:12 in the song, Diddy appears to confess to possibly being LGBT. As he says the following words, the video shows multiple same-sex male couples – who are Black:

“Yeah, sometimes I ask myself – what is it going to take for me not to be afraid to be loved, the way I really want to be loved.

I know how I really want to be love. But I’m scared to really feel that, you know.

Like you want something, but you don’t know if you can handle it.

You give me that hope that maybe one day I’ll get over my fears and receive,” Diddy raps.

Recall, sometimes last year, Diddy was attacked with gay rumors after appearingon Nore’s podcast. The Drink Champs, and appeared to be flirting with fellow rapper Fabolous. Fab seemed uncomfortable with the alleged playful flirtation by Diddy.

Watch the video below :

And years ago, rapper Xzibit also alleged that he caught Diddy in the club – with a man in an alleged romantic moment.

Listen to him below :