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Ebro Shares His Thoughts On Eminem’s Lack Of Respect As A White Rapper



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Ebro Shares His Thoughts On Eminem's Lack Of Respect As A White Rapper

Ebro Shares His Take On Eminem Not Getting Enough Respect

Eminem has been making headlines since he released his 11th studio album “Music To Be Murdered By” which came as a surprise to Hip Hop fans.

There has been a heated debate whether Eminem still maintains his top spot as a veteran rapper or has been washed off.

Whatever the case may be, it all depends on an individual’s personal opinion. We reported earlier that Eminem broke his own record, replacing “Rap God” with “Godzilla” and penning another fast-paced masterpiece.

Ebro Shares His Take On Eminem Not Getting Enough Respect 

Eminem was reportedly rapping 7.6 words per second on the track, spitting a total of 229 words in 30 seconds, Eminem did enough in his third verse to replace himself at the top.

Ebro Darden from Hot 97 morning show, has taken to twitter to share his thoughts on Eminem’s stand in the Hip Hop scene and how his race has influenced his career. Ebro’s words hold weight, It’s no wonder his take on Eminem is particularly strong, leaving much to unpack beyond a surface level.

“Eminem’s success comes from him being white, he’s even said it,” Ebro claims. “Lack of respect also comes from him being white. The disdain for him comes from him being successful @ something Black people own. His love for the culture is why he worked so hard to be great and get respect.”

Ebro Shares His Take On Eminem Not Getting Enough Respect 

Ebro pressed further, “Eminem treats Rap how Black folks have had to treat life,” he continues. “Be 5x better, work 5x harder than everyone and still not necessarily get respect.”

It didn’t take long before his tweets sparked a heated debate on twitter. He’s been called out for his claims and was forced to retract back saying the 5x was an overstatement.

See it all below :