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IG Model Tammy Hembrow Claims Entire Sports Team Slide Into Her DMs



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Instagram Model Says An Entire Sport Team Invaded Her DMs 

Instagram Model Says An Entire Sport Team Invaded Her DMs

Athletes are believed to have a thing for models most especially Instagram models but it’s weird for an entire team to slide into a single person’s DMs.

Well, an instagram model with the name Tammy Hembrow says are DMs are flooded with suitors looking to get in contact with her.

The Australian socialite revealed on a recent episode of her podcast ‘Hanging With The Hembrows’ featuring and co-hosted by her sisters, Emilee and Amy, Tammy revealed that tons of athletes have been reaching out to her in hopes that they can connect on a more intimate level.

Apart from running a podcast, Tammy is a proud mother of two, an entrepreneur who owns a store and a fitness trainer. In addition, she’s beautiful with a sexy body… what would one expect of a fitness trainer.

During the Podcast, Tammy spilled the tea claiming every single player in the world had slipped into her DMs but didn’t mention names. “I swear to God, every single athlete in the world has slipped into my DMs.”

Then she went further to read a message saying Everyone who’s on that whole team has messaged me.”

The 25 year old model relationship status is unknown but what we know is after splitting with her ex-fiance, Reece Hawkins, in 2018, whom she shares two children with, Tammy Henbrow has been connected to both Tyga and Odell Beckham Jr.

Watch the video below :

And here are some pictures of Tammy :


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Taking these last moments of 2019 to reflect & relax 💚 @saskicollection

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Euphoria ✨🌸 @theminimaleanimale

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