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Jason Whitlock Pays Tribute To Kobe Bryant & Gets Dragged On Twitter



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Jason Whitlock Dragged On Twitter For His Kobe Bryant Tribute 

Jason Whitlock Dragged On Twitter For His Kobe Bryant Tribute

Jason Lee Whitlock is a popular sports journalist. He co-hosts the daily sports TV show Speak for Yourself alongside Marcellus Wiley on Fox Sports 1.

Jason is well known for his hatred towards Kobe Bryant when the Lakers icon was still alive, Whitlock has spoken nothing but ill words about Kobe during his days.

But recently, Whitlock and ‘Speak For Yourself’ co-host Marcellus Wiley were joined by TJ Houshmandzadeh and Jim Jackson on the show on Monday to reflect on Kobe’s legacy, and surprisingly Whitlock had kind words for the late NBA star.

Folks on twitter have been calling Jason out for hypocrisy due to his obvious disdain for Kobe Bryant before his death.

In addition, Whitlock once published an open letter to Kobe on ESPN titled “Kobe, keep your mouth shut.” In the article, Whitlock used derogatory language to speak not only about Kobe himself, but about his wife, Vanessa, as well.

See some of the reactions below :