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Love After Lockup Megan Drops Michael & Sarah Diss Track



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Megan Nash Drops Michael And Sarah Diss Track

Megan Nash Drops Michael And Sarah Diss Track

Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup star Megan Nash has dropped a diss track blasting her reality star rivals Michael and Sarah.

In the reality show, Sarah, Megan and Michael are caught in a love triangle. Sarah and Michael are currently sorting out the mess of their marriage while tending to their two young daughters.

Meanwhile, his “side chick” Megan is managing her feelings and open to the possibility of rekindling their romance.

According to MTO, their messy relationship is playing out on the new season of Love After Lockup.

Well, it now looks like Megan’s ready to leave the threesome. Megan leaked the track, which features hip hop artist Avrex yesterday – the song is entitled “Lemons.”

Meagan announced the new track on IG, and she made references to Michael, Sarah, and fans of the show in the song.

Listen to the song below :

See her lyrics below :

“Loved him after lockup
Yeah I held him down
And Imma make it swelter now
Yeah, it’s time to melt ’em now
They call me homewrecker
Turn me to a hoe checker
Chick, don’t worry ’bout me
Get your home together

He told them lies to me
So we could roam together
Brought me through the coldest weather
Thought I would’ve known ya better

Life gave me lemons
Made some pie about it
Man and I ain’t shy about it
Praise the most high about it”