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Rapper Cassidy Beaten During Rap Battle In Philly By Arsenal



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Rapper Cassidy Trashed During Rap Battle By Rival Arsenal In Philly 

Rapper Cassidy Trashed During Rap Battle By Rival Arsenal In Philly

Rapper Cassidy is undeniably one of the greatest and fiercest battle rappers ever. He has a great reputation in rap battle.

But the renowned battle rapper was trashed couple of days ago by a rival arsenal during a  battle rap in Philadelphia.

The clip is currently making rounds on twitter and it’s very embarrassing to watch Cassidy get savagely beaten in his hometown.

The rival rapper let the crowd know that he had ZERO respect for the middle aged Cassidy. After only a few bars, he grabbed Cassidy and started shaking him – like an evil nanny does to an infant.

And when it’s Cassidy’s turn to rap, he got a little too close to his opponent. And so dude blows smoke all in Cassidy’s face.

To add salt to the wound, Cassidy’s bars were very unimpressive. The crowd eventually got restless and started booing him.

Then after a few more bars, the crowd turned on Cassidy completely. The crowd started yelling ‘No” and laughing at Cassidy. It was hard to watch.

Watch the embarrassing clips below :