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Tanya Sam Claims Cookie Lady Is Lying “My Fiancé Didn’t Cheat”



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Tanya Sam Responds To Her Husband's Cheating Rumors

Tanya Sam Responds To Her Fiance’s Cheating Rumors

Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Tanya Sam has responded to circulating allegations that her fiancé Paul Judge was cheating on her.

In the current season of Bravo’s top rated show of the Real Housewives franchise, Paul is accused of trying to sleep with a woman they call “the cookie lady,” an Atlanta woman named Shiana.

Now Tanya is speaking out against the alleged cheating. She was recently interviewed by the website TooFab, and claims that Shiana is lying.

“By this time, we had already gone through this whole season, so when you actually see the footage and you see this woman who I kind of thought was a bit of an opportunist…she saw a camera and was like, ‘oh my gosh, I wanna tell this story,” Tanya said.

“I was mad because it was like trumped-up exaggeration. Now, I have the full story, and I’m like, ‘None of that happened,” she added.

According to Tanya, Paul and Shiana have a “platonic” relationship, and have only interacted with each other “in a group setting”. Further, she says Paul told her his interaction with Shiana, “It’s zero on the scale of anything.”

“She’s got ‘RHOA’ in her [Instagram] bio!. So I was like, okay, this was obviously a really great platform for you to display your business, and I think there’s somewhat of a disregard for the real people’s lives in there, but it was a great platform that worked for her,” Tanya said insinuating that Shiana was only lying for clout.

And here’s a picture of Shiana aka Cookie Lady :


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