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Tommie Blasts Wendy Williams Over Rob Kardashian Dating Reports



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Tommie Calls Wendy Williams "A Dog Face B*tch" Over Rob Dating Reports

Tommie Calls Wendy Williams “A Dog Face B*tch” Over Rob Dating Reports

Wendy Williams earlier shared that Rob Kardashian is now dating Love and Hip Hop star Tommie Lee on her recent TV show. Wendy also gave some words of advice to Rob over the romance.

“Listen, Rob, all I am saying is, you got to do better in your choices in life,” Wendy warned.

“Whether it’s business, personal, family or whatever. So, Rob is now 32 years old and Tommie Lee is 35, and she has got two daughters. The daughters are 15 and 12. That is the age where you say, ‘That ain’t my father.’ OK, and one of the kids, the oldest who is 15, she had while she was in prison.”


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Wendy continued: “Tommie Lee, and I don’t know, all I am saying is, you know how sometimes you mess up in life and you can do better? Maybe she is doing better in life, and she has presented herself more of a better woman to Rob.”

Well, Tommie Lee caught up with Wendy Williams’ report and didn’t hesitate to fire back. “Wendy, I will roast yo ass all the way back to ya dealer, bitch. You will be DOA when I finish ya chill, sis! Dog face bitch!” she wrote to her Instagram story.

“I challenge Wendy Williams to a roast session! Nothing off-limits. Let’s go, ho. Tread lightly wise words from a felon! I know too much to be played with.”

She also shared the clip below ‘a post and delete’ on her page :