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Twitter Users Are Convinced Beyonce Got A BBL ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’



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Twitter Is Accusing Beyonce Of Getting A BBL 'Brazilian Butt Lift' 

Twitter Is Accusing Beyonce Of Getting A BBL ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’

Last week, Beyonce was hit with accusation that she’s undergone Brazilian butt lift surgery after pictures from the campaign for her new Ivy Park Adidas line surfaced.

The mother of three has been a curvy lady right from time but it seems she’s undergone butt surgery as it now looks like that of the Kardashians.

It’s safe to say most women in Hollywood often visit a plastic surgeon at any sign of aging, Beyonce was regarmded as one celebrity that was pretty much 100% natural.

But recently, many fans are questioning whether Beyonce is still holding true to her old values and mores.


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The way she dropped 😭🔥 maybe I am straight lord

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Recent pictures of Jay Z’s wife now show abnormally protruding hips with a large and high butt. Both are features of women who underwent Brazilian butt lift., or a “BBL” for abbreviation.

A Brazilian butt lift is a popular surgical procedure where a doctor liposuctions fat from a woman’s midsection, and injects it into her butt. The surgery leaves a woman with a flat tummy, and a big butt – and uses no implants or foreign objects.

Below is another video suggesting that Beyonce has undergone BBL :


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Beyoncé modeling for #AdidasXIvyPark

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And here are some reactions on twitter :