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Wendy Williams Farted On Live TV & Summer Walker Can’t Stop Laughing



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Summer Walker Mocks Wendy Williams After She Farted On Live TV

Summer Walker Mocks Wendy Williams For Farting On Live TV

Wendy Williams is one reputable talk show host and has maintained her relevancy over the years. Making people’s lives her subject of discussion.

Wendy has also been through a lot and last year was one hell of a scandalous one for her. Having her husband impregnating her mistress isn’t something she could get over easily.

And recently, Wendy was back at doing what she knows how to do best but unfortunately she couldn’t hold back when the urge to fart came and she did so on her famous purple chair.

She was discussing Odell Beckham Jr’s recent arrest when she felt the need to relieve herself of some stomach bloating, letting out a fart and casually lifting her leg up to the side. She tried to play it off as though nothing happened but the replay shows otherwise.

She’s been getting clowned online for the act and among those making fun of her is Summer Walker who also shared the clip in a slow motion on her instagram with laughter emoji.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think.


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