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Will 50 Cent Sue French Montana For Leaking A Scene From ‘Power’?



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50 Cent Reportedly Planning To Sue French Montana Over 'Power' Leak

50 Cent Reportedly Planning To Sue French Montana Over ‘Power’ Leak

French Montana and 50 Cent have been at loggerheads for some days now and French took things too far by leaking a scene from the last episode of ‘Power’.

Their feud started when 50 Cent slammed French Montana for copping an old Bugatti for a whopping sum of $1.5 million.

The two have since being attacking each other on their instagram pages respectively. But French’s latest attempt my get him into legal battle with the Power executive producer.

In an attempt to get back at 50, French taped an entire scene of the top rated tv show, and illegally leaked an entire scene from the latest episode of Power on Instagram.

According to multiple reports, the Starz network and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson are preparing to launch a lawsuit against French, for copyright infringement.

An insider explained that “What French did was outrageous and illegal, we’re going after him.” The insider continued, “It’s pretty cut and dry, from a legal standpoint. He’s going to have to pay millions for this.”

We’ll keep you updated on how it plays out.