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Inmates Assault Man Who Raped A 16 Year Old Girl On Live 



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Inmates Assault A Convicted Rapist On Live 

Inmates Assault A Convicted Rapist On Live

An inmate who got convicted of raping a 16 year old girl was brutally beaten inside a British prison. And the assault was livestreamed on social media.

According to reports, three north London men Roberto French, 22; Abdisalam Mohamad, 21, and Hilal Mohamed, 22 were convicted on Friday of raping a 16-year-old schoolgirl.

Police say that prior to raping the young girl, the men threatened her with a machete, robbed her and held her captive. Roberto held a machete against the teen girl’s throat while he robbed her in front of the other defendants. Then all three men forced the child to perform oral sex on each of them.

All three defendants, in their early 20s, were found guilty of rape at Wood Green Crown Court a week ago -and will officially be sentenced on Thursday, March 19.

But one of the men, Abdisalam Mohamad got a taste of his sentencing early. Inmates at the local jail heard about his crime and decided to teach him a lesson. The beat him mercilessly and Livestreamed it over social media.

Watch the video below :

Inmates Livestream Themselves Assaulting A Convicted Rapist