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Lil Pump Announces Retirement From Music “I Quit”



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Lil Pump Is Quitting Music 

Lil Pump Is Quitting Music

Rapper Lil Pump has announced his retirement from music. The abrupt plan came as a shocker to fans of the ‘Gucci Gang’ and ‘I Love It’ crooner.

Lil Pump whose real name is Gazzy Garcia, is a famous rapper and songwriter. He is known for his hyperactive public persona, where he is often portrayed taking drugs, particularly marijuana, lean and Xanax.

Last year, the rapper announced that he was readying to launch a record label and was looking for artists to sign on his Instagram.


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The ‘Harverd Dropout’ took to Instagram today where he revealed that he’ll be retiring. “I’m done doing music I quit,” he wrote on his Instagram Story. It’s unclear if this is a heat of the moment decision or he’s actually fed up with the rap game.

One thing we know is that, retirement in the rap game is not always as it’s portrayed to be. We’ve seen lots of rappers announce retirement and still resurfaced in a matter of months and some years. But they’re most likely to make a return.

It’s also possible Pump is playing pranks, some celebrities stunt and planning to drop new music or an album but needs to make some headlines. Just as the saying goes ‘No publicity is a bad publicity’. Peep his post below :

Lil Pump Is Quitting Music