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Pornhub Will Be Only Available To People Who Voted On Election Day



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Pornhub Limits Website Availability To Only Voters

Pornhub Limits Website Availability To Only Voters

When the coronavirus was hitting hard, Pornhub shared announced that their streaming numbers have gone exponentially up as people around the world are stuck inside self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The adult entertainment website made its premium free at the time to ensure people are indoor and stay glued to their screens.

Well, now that Premium is back on a subscription-only basis, Pornhub is making a statement in a different way, focusing on an urgent matter and ensuring that people go out and vote, restricting the website to voters only on Election Day.

Pornhub Limits Website Availability To Only Voters

Acccording to the website, you will only be able to watch Pornhub videos if you cast a vote in the 2020 Presidential Election. It’s all part of the Give A Fuck, Get A Fuck campaign.

“At Pornhub, we give a fuck about this election,” wrote the official PH Twitter account. “And we want to make sure you give a fuck too. On election day, we’ll be making sure you voted before you can enter Pornhub. If you give a fuck, you get a fuck. Get out and vote.”

Complex also shared that the site will be welcoming United States-based users with a page reminding them to vote between 10 AM EST and 9 PM EST.