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Rod Wave, His Team & Alexis Skyy Fall As Stage Collapse In Viral Video



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'Obese' Rapper Rod Wave Steps On Stage & It Collapses Like A Sink hole

‘Obese’ Rapper Rod Wave & Others Step On Stage & It Collapsed Like A Sink Hole

Rapper Rod Wave had a disastrous stage entrance during a recent concert. The ‘Ghetto Gospel’ rapper who is 5 foot 8 feet tall and 380 pounds fell with his crew after the stage collapsed due to his weight.

Apparently, the rapper was too heavy for the stage last night. Rod was coming on stage with his team and social media star Alexis Skyy when the incident happened.

The rapper was about performing at a concert in Florida yesterday, and the stage gave out under him. Luckily neither Rod or anyone else was injured. The video is going viral all over social media. Rod was a trending topic on Twitter This morning.

Months ago, Rod Wave and PnB Rock had an intense beef which started when PnB slammed new generation rappers whose songs are majorly about depression and too emotional.

Rod then took to Instagram live, threatening to make it difficult for PnB Rock to enter Chicago.  “You gon’ have to pay fifty-sixty thousand every time you come to Florida,” he warned.

“I don’t care where the fuck you at. N***as gon hear about that. I’m gon give a n***a ten thousand on Cashapp if they see you in a mall, one of those pussy-ass rental cars you be riding around.”