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NBA YoungBoy Accused Of Running A Prescription Drug Fraud Ring



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NBA YoungBoy Accused Of Running A Prescription Drug Fraud Ring
NBA YoungBoy Accused Of Running A Prescription Drug Fraud Ring

Things aren’t looking good for NBA YoungBoy. Just yesterday, we reported that the rapper was arrested in Utah on multiple charges including identity fraud and possession of a controlled substance.

Now, it’s being reported that the rabbit hole goes much deeper than we initially thought. According to Fox 13, authorities are accusing Youngboy of running a prescription fraud ring.

The arrest report says Youngboy, real name Kentrell Gaulden, was part of a scheme to fraudulently obtain promethazine with codeine a.k.a. lean. YB and others, who have yet to be named, allegedly tried to obtain the prescribed drug at multiple pharmacies in Cache County, Utah.

The Baton Rouge rapper reportedly called in for a prescription for a 74-year-old woman to a pharmacy in Utah and provided the pharmacist with “an actual, valid DEA number, NPI number and other identification for the real physician.”

The pharmacist noticed the numbers didn’t match what was on file, so she called the actual doctor who denied trying to fill the prescription, but admitted this exact thing happened multiple times that day.

After investigation, it was discovered two women were at a pharmacy in the state attempting to pick up the drugs, but they were arrested on sight. The women were detained while in a vehicle that was registered to YB. When YB’s manager called to get the car out of the impound, police were able to speak to YB, and he reportedly said something about picking up the drugs.

This led to further investigation, which prompted a search of YB’s house. In the search, they found a prescription bottle of Promethazine in his home, with the name of the “patient” on it that was allegedly called in fraudulently.

Marijuana and guns were also found in the home. NBA YoungBoy was then arrested and booked on 63 charges. He is currently being held with no bail.