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Shyne Says Everyone Knew He Was The “Fall Guy” In 1999 Club Shooting Involving Diddy



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Shyne Says Everyone Knew He Was The "Fall Guy" In 1999 Club Shooting Involving Diddy

Shyne Says Everyone Knew He Was The “Fall Guy” In 1999 Club Shooting Involving Diddy

It’s no secret that the allegations concerning P. Diddy have opened new and old wounds. We previously reported about Natania Reuben, who alleges that Sean “Diddy” Combs shot her at a New York club in 1999.

Diddy, J.Lo and Jamal “Shyne” Barrow were all arrested in connection to the shooting, but only Shyne was charged. He served 9 years in prison and has always maintained his innocence. It’s important to note that Reuben always alleged it was Diddy who shot her.

Well, after hearing that Reuben stated last month she’d be willing to have the bullet fragments removed from her face to prove Diddy shot her, and Lil Rod, who is suing Diddy for a plethora of things claimed Diddy admitted to the shooting, Shyne is speaking out and says this has been the truth all along.

During an interview with 7news Belize, Shyne shared his thoughts on Lil Rod’s lawsuit: “He says that the gentleman confessed to the shooting. And that is what stands out to me the most, because, you know, I’ve done my best to put it behind me and to move forward. And so but it certainly reopens the wounds that I’ve been saying this all along. Everyone knew all along that I was the fall guy.”

Shyne says as a young man he chose not to snitch and doesn’t need to snitch today because the victim is telling you exactly who shot her.

“I’m just saying that I maintain my innocence all this time. I said I was defending myself. I didn’t get into who did what. But the victim is telling you who did what. And another. I understand that there are other witnesses.”

The update has since been garnering reactions from folks online. “Idgaf who did what. I’m never taking the fall for anybody,” someone commented. “Shyne has been saying he didn’t shoot anyone that night since the shooting. Glad he has made his peace and moved on,” another person wrote.

“Shyness going to jail may have been in his own best interest. The direction his life has been goin in since his release has been extremely positive. Who knows what would’ve come of his life had he not! lis… God don’t make no mistakes, and we learn the lessons placed before us, we can do nothing but prosper!” someone else added.