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69-Year-Old Woman Becomes A Registered Nurse After Working As An Assistant For Six Years



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69-Year-Old Woman Becomes A Registered Nurse Despite Her Age After Working As A Certified Nurse's Assistant For Six Years:
69-Year-Old Woman Becomes A Registered Nurse Despite Her Age After Working As A Certified Nurse’s Assistant For Six Years

At 69 years old, a woman in Georgia overcame age obstacles to pursue her dream of becoming a registered nurse. Loretta Mack said she’s had a dream all her life of being a registered nurse according to WAFF48.

It was only with the support of a resource nurse that she was able to transition from being a certified nurse’s assistant to a registered nurse after six years of that role.

Heather Jackson, a travel nurse, decided to extend her contract so that she could serve as Mack’s preceptor nurse because of Mack’s gentle nature and lively disposition.

“If there’s something that needs to be done, she’s going to do it. Loretta’s going to make sure that you’re clean, that you’re fed, that you’re taken care of, and she will sit and talk to you too,” Jackson said. “Loretta doesn’t just come in and blow through your room,” Jackson added.

Mack stated that everyone supported her during this journey from her grandchildren to her doctors doing practice test and homework with her in order to succeed. She leaves a few words for people to learn from in her interview.

“Age is just a number. I don’t know who thought of that but it’s just a number. I feel that at any age you can do whatever you set your mind to do. If you really want to do it, you can do it,” Mack stated.

Reacting to the news, someone said: “Omg this is very inspirational and she looks great for 69! Sending her nothing but positive energy.” “I don’t know what more impressive between her go back and bieng a nurse at 69 or her looking like this at 69,” another person wrote.

“I want my nurse to be 50+ anytime I need one anyway! These young nurses don’t give a damn,” someone else added.