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Bad Bunny’s Ex Wins $40M Lawsuit For Unauthorized Use Of Her Voice



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Bad Bunny’s Ex Wins $40M Lawsuit For Use Of Her Voice In ‘Bad Bunny Baby’ Line
Bad Bunny’s Ex Wins $40M Lawsuit For Use Of Her Voice In ‘Bad Bunny Baby’ Line

About a year ago, Dreddsworld reported that Bad Bunny’s ex Carliz De La Cruz Hernández, is suing the Puerto Rican artist over the rights to voice recordings used in his music.

Well, Carliz De La Cruz has now won the $40M legal battle against her ex-boyfriend, Bad Bunny, in Puerto Rico’s courts.

The couple dated for over 5 years and even almost got married before splitting in 2016. The ruling supported her claim of unauthorized use of her voice in the singer’s songs.


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The lawsuit, initiated by Carliz on March 1 of last year, tocused on copyright issues, particularly around the phrase “Bad Bunny baby,” which she says she recorded in the early stages of Bad Bunny’s career and felt entitled to compensation tor.

According to Carliz, she recorded the phrase at Bad Bunny’s requets on a cell phone and it was used in several of his songs and performances without her consent.

Following the lawsuit’s resolution, Bad Bunny will pay $40 million to his ex-partner, as reported by El Diario NY. Bad Bunny has not publicly addressed the legal defeat yet.

Couple weeks back, Anuel AA claims Kendall Jenner left Bad Bunny for the same reason Cassie left Diddy on his song “Toki” featuring Casper Magico, Luar La L, and Izaak.

The Puerto Rican star and Kendall Jenner broke up back in December of last year, after almost a year of dating. The two kept a low profile the entirety of their relationship, although they did end up starring in a Gucci campaign together a few months before they ended their relationship.