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Diddy Once Kicked Christian ‘King’ Combs Out Of The House For Waking Up Late



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Diddy Once Kicked Christian ‘King’ Combs Out Of The House For Waking Up Late

King Combs Reveals Diddy Once Kicked Him Out Of The House For Waking Up Too Late

Christian ‘King’ Combs made headlines earlier this week after he dropped a diss track tilted “Pick A Side”aimed at 50 Cent and others who have been speaking negatively about his father, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’.

On the track, the rapper addressed the backlash Diddy is facing amid several ongoing alleged sexual misconduct lawsuits.

As you’d expect, 50 Cent fired back and seemingly bullied the 26-year-old in a series of posts on his Instagram page. Amid the controversy, an interview of King on The Breakfast Club from 5 years ago has resurfaced and it’s now making rounds online.


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Christian spoke to Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM when he was 21 years old about how Diddy influenced him and recounted a time the ‘Bad Boys’ head kicked him out of the house for waking up late.

“I learned so much from just seeing him on tour to doing stuff like this, interviews, to being in the studio. He don’t really need to be hands-on right now. He knows that. But when I show him the music, he definitely was like, ‘Yo, this is fire.’ He actually encouraged me to put out more songs,” King explained.

Recounting the story, he said, “It was a cool, chill day. It was pretty gloomy outside — no reason to be outside; a cool day to just be relaxing.” But when Diddy saw King not working, he grew upset. “He don’t really like seeing men chilling,” King said. “He likes to see us working.”

Puff questioned King about when he was going to start working and head to the studio. “I was answering all the questions, but it wasn’t good enough,” King said. “He was like, ‘Yo, get out of my house. Ya’ll get out of my house right now.’”

“I had to sleep in the studio. I have my own little Bad Boy studio,” King added.

King Combs recounts the time Diddy kicked him out