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Meek Mill Calls Out 50 Cent For Trolling King Combs: ‘You’re Federal’, Fif Responds



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Meek Mill Calls Out 50 Cent For Trolling King Combs: ‘You’re Federal’, Fif Responds
Meek Mill Calls 50 Cent ‘Federal’ For Trolling King Combs, 50 Cent Responds

Christian ‘King’ Combs recently dropped a diss track “Pick A Side” aimed at 50 Cent and others who have been speaking badly about his father, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’.

It didn’t take long before 50 replied him, making multiple posts trolling the 26-year-old. He even blasted King for self snitching in the diss track.

Just in, Meek Mill is now defending King against the known cyber bully, 50 Cent. In a series of tweets, the Philadelphia rapper who’s also tied to Diddy, went off on Fif for picking on the young lad.

“Because your federal the street n*ggas in queens know that why you tryna pick on a lil boy .. your own son hate your guts lol I’m so grateful to be on a island with my son and his friends on his bday .. don’t follow these guys they miserable lives be terrible,” Meek wrote in response to 50 Cent’s post trolling King.

“Once they figured out we really had extreme engagement and access to control influence off insta and twitter they bought it out and used it against like…. It’s like how we got from poor righteous teachers to where we are now! Iown all my rights to my life so now all pr bad!”

He continued, “They all post bad about me because I don’t pay none of them that’s why they have akademiks a rapist type couch potatoe controlling the narrative on the biggest battles to keep track… I been told him stop posting me they business flow when they speak only on the culture!”

“All the pages come together to post artist it’s something you pay for ….. That hustle tricking the people dying out … you can pay for a campaign for 20k to make these pages post good or bad… ion wanna pay em my page a movie in itself been motivation people for years daily!”

Meek added, “I never seen black people laugh at black people getting indicted… he really be online enhancing people cases … and he got real statements against n*ggas …. You aint feed Mike Knox yet… everybody on to you!”

“But let me stop …. These the ni as yall look up too… these people that destroy black famines and success like bad cops … I don’t find him funny I see him as a rich parasite! Niggas be rooting for n _¿as to go to jail and claiming he’s from The street! Ima start bombing on yall.”

50 Cent caught wind of Meek’s shade and quickly responded. “You sold 6k copies your last project, you should not be on Vacation. Still chasing the dream or embracing the nightmare. Standing by your man, that I respect!” the “Power” executive producer wrote.

Meek then clapped back saying: “My last project sold 90k first week expensive pain …Ross did that last cd for fun to let me out my contact cause we rich and have some type of history! It’s different lol i don’t even know how Cuban was talking to you ya swag is extremely wack!”

Meek Mill Calls 50 Cent ‘Federal’ For Trolling King Combs, 50 Cent Responds