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Saucy Santana Reacts To DJ Akademiks’ Rape & Defamation Lawsuit: “69 Freaky B*tch”



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Saucy Santana Trolls DJ Akademiks Following Rape & Defamation Lawsuit

Saucy Santana Trolls DJ Akademiks Following Rape & Defamation Lawsuit

DJ Akademiks had all the energy to drag Yung Miami when she was accused of being a s*x worker and allegedly transporting pink cocaine for Diddy. Even though the claims were never proven, AK was all over Caresha’s neck.

Fast forward to now, Akademiks has been slapped with rape and defamation lawsuit by a woman who claims AK and his two friends raped her.

The controversial blogger has since denied the claims and also threatened to snitch on industry people, saying if he goes down, he’s not going alone. “If Akademiks go down y’all go down with me, cause I hold no secrets for nobody,” he said on his livestream while reacting to the lawsuit.


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Just in, Yung Miami’s friend Saucy Santana, has now reacted to the lawsuit against Akademiks, slamming him for calling it false when he failed to believe Caresha’s own could be false.

“69 freaky b*tch.. nasty tail.. Why would we believe this is fake.. But when it was Caresha, the world was burning, it was no motherf*cking way..” Saucy said in a recent live.

“Pink cocaine and all that weird a** sh*t. But b*tch we’re supposed to believe that m shawdy lying on you, I don’t think so.. not gon happen,” the reality star added.

This is not the first time Saucy would be having Ak in a chokehold. Back in November, Akademiks broke down in tears while on Rumble after his rant about Saucy Santana ended with Saucy threatening to physically and sexually assault him.

Fans also threatened to cancel him for alleged homophobia at the time. “I’m not tryna get canceled to f-ck up what we got going on. I’m never tryna get canceled saying the wrong thing,” he said tearfully.