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Shaunie Says Her Comments About Never Being In Love With Shaq Were Taken Out Of Context



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Shaunie Addresses Viral Quote About Her Never Being In Love With Shaquille O’Neal

Shaunie Addresses Viral Quote About Her Never Being In Love With Shaquille O’Neal

Shaunie O’Neal wasn’t too happy about a quote about not loving Shaquille O’Neal going viral from her new book “UNDEFEATED: Changing the Rules and Winning on My Own Terms.”

In the book, Shaunie detailed how Shaquille was a cheater and wasn’t around a lot. As a result, she stated:

“Looking back, I don’t know that I was ever really in love with the man, but I was in love with the idea of being married to the man I had a family with,” Henderson wrote. “I was in love with the idea of building a life together. I truly did enjoy spending time with him.”

Shaquille responded on social media and said, “I understand… I wouldn’t have been in love with me either. Wishing you all the best. All love, Shaq.”

During an interview with People Magazine, Shaunie says the quote was taken out of context, “I’m not a word girl. I’m a character girl, and since I’ve left the marriage of Shaquille, my character has spoken for itself,” she explained.

Now one would think if you were writing a book you’d try to be a “word” girl. But Shaunie expounded on her comment saying:

“When you love somebody, you love somebody, but to be in love with somebody is a different feeling, and I will be honest, I didn’t realize that until I found the love of my life right now and I’m in this marriage. I’m like, oh my gosh. It’s a different feeling.”

As for Shaquille, Shaunie says she doesn’t understand “why he would run with” the out-of-context excerpt on social media. Either way, Shaunie is standing by her comment of “never being in love” with Shaquille.