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Soulja Boy Trolls Meek Mill & Fires Back At 21 Savage Unfazed



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Soulja Boy Joins 50 Cent To Troll Meek Mill, Also Responds To 21 Savage

Soulja Boy Joins 50 Cent To Troll Meek Mill, Also Responds To 21 Savage’s Threat

Soulja Boy is not scared of 21 Savage after the Atlanta rapper threatened him earlier on. It all started when Big Draco called out Metro Boomin over an old tweet where he was demeaned.

He gave the producer an ultimatum to delete the tweet which prompted 21 Savage to join the conversation, sliding in for Metro.

“Or what,” 21 commented on Akademiks‘ Instagram page. “Or I’m slapping the shit out [you] and metro,” Soulja responded. He then began sending out tweets about Metro’s deceased mom, taunting and antagonizing the ace producer.

21 caught up with the tweets and threatened Soulja Boy saying, “Speaking on a n-gga mama like shit a game you gone shit on yourself when I see you boy.” An unfazed Soulja fired back saying, “F*ck you and his mama lil boy. Nah umma swing on u when I see you lame.”

The problematic rapper then chimed into Meek Mill and 50 Cent’s back and forth, joining the latter in trolling the Philadelphia rapper.

Meek had earlier called out 50 Cent for picking on Diddy’s son King Combs. “Because your federal the street n*ggas in queens know that why you tryna pick on a lil boy .. your own son hate your guts lol I’m so grateful to be on a island with my son and his friends on his bday .. don’t follow these guys they miserable lives be terrible,” Meek wrote in response to 50 Cent’s post trolling King.

Fif then replied saying, “You sold 6k copies your last project, you should not be on Vacation. Still chasing the dream or embracing the nightmare. Standing by your man, that I respect!” The “Power” executive producer then began posting memes trolling Meek.

“Don’t grow up trying to be Soulia boy. Boy an idiot,” a fan wrote to Meek amid his back and forth with Fif, to which the rapper replied. “Soulja if you say you’re gonna smoke somebody and they see you and actually smoke you it’s self defense … all losing touch if reality for some likes and clout insane.”

Soulja Boy then inserted himself in their back and forth, pitching tent with 50 to troll Meek. “Didn’t Diddy fuck u in the ass? @MeekMill,” he asked. Meek is yet to respond to the shade.